We encourage people their active life.

Stay Active. Stay Motivated. Be You.




“STAY ACTIVE. STAY MOTIVATED. BE YOU” – a will for everyday challenges!

AMB SOX is a Suisse label of sportswear accessories with unique design. We are creating functional socks (AMB Sox™) for active people who cares about comfort, security and quality of product they buy.

For more than 10 years sox designers satisfy needs of our clients and go forward in fashion and functional performance. That’s why we never stop to improve our sox and our services!

HOW does feet feel in SOX?

1. Feel support – thanks to movement-adapted smart design

2. Feel fresh – Sox’s fabrics is breathable, soft and moisture-wicking

3. Feel stylish: we care about Sox’s design!

4. Feel happy!

BE WITH US – let sox inspire you for new adventures!


Life isn't always perfect. But your sox can be.



We are based in the multinational city of Lausanne, Switzerland, and operate all over Europe.

We are sport-lovers and trainers, designers, engineers, analysts, photographers, travelers, volunteers, parents, and dreamers!

Our multicultural and enthusiastic team works hard in aim to create a unique- design product what will perfectly fit everyday’ activities of our or Sox lovers.


We motivate people to be healthier and happier.



We believe in a movement. We believe in performance. We believe in our ability to improve people’s daily experience.

Small details may impact your journey. It jointly should be perfect to let you be more active, to let you feel free and comfortable.

We care about:

- The quality: create sustainable products is the way how we respect the environment.

- Design: it should be beautiful and attractive. We never stop doing ameliorations.

- Kids. But only you can be the best example for your children. That’s why we honestly convinced by importance of family activities. We do our best for support the healthy relationships. “Like mother, like daughter. Like father, like son.”


Create your inspiration with us.



Pleasure is our main inspiration! Wearing soft socks is a sensual joy. Beautiful socks bring us a visual delight. And self-expression joy coming from a unique design.

We are inspired by indoor and outdoor activities. Sox make happy sport lovers and people enjoying home.

Style is our passion: we take care of visual design and every small detail!